Say Hello to Thunder

 Hi, future family - I’m Thunder!  Housebroken ✔️ Knows Commands ✔️ My humans at CIC call me a ‘Big ol’ Boy’ but I don’t quite understand. I think I’m just like everyone else and love to run and play. Sometimes I forget that I’m 120lbs so I play a little rough for kiddos and dogs. Also, I don’t really care for those pesky felines… they're not really my cup of tea. I would love having a house to myself - all that love and attention JUST for ME!  I am 15 months old and would love a fur-ever home of my own with a human who is experienced with larger breeds. I need someone who will keep up with my training and remind me of my size now and then. Are you my fur-ever family?!?!  Please share and help me find my perfect people  . I do get along with some other dogs but I am selective.