Frankie's Story

This shih tzu mix came into CIC tonight as a stray. This fur baby is in very bad shape. Besides the nails being so long, the eye became severely infected and the eye appears rotted out. This poor dog needs lots of help. He is comfortable tonight and will be seen by our vet first thing in the morning. 

August 13: We have an update on our little shih tzu. We have named him Frankie. Frankie went to the vet. The eye is still in the socket but is so damaged it must be removed. He is on antibiotics for 10 days for the eye and skin before he can have surgery. Frankie is blind in the other eye and deaf. After the 10 days of antibiotics we will take him for surgery. The vet has put his age at 10-12 years old. Please keep Frankie in your thoughts and prayers. If you can donate for his care Frankie and CIC will be extremely grateful.

August 25, 2019 Update

Lil Frankie the Shih tzu , had another stroke of bad luck over the past few day , he stopped eating, he was taken to the Er vet where they found his gums were infected  making eating difficult for him, hes been put on 2 strong antibiotics to combat the infection which is working ,as he ate a healthy meal this eve with no hesitation, he also had  blood work done , which all numbers came back near perfect,                                                            

 Vet said hes a strong lil man with a strong heart and he sees no reason once the mouth infection clears we cant let Frankie move forward with his bad eye being removed , and have  a good dental done , he said Frankie could be around another 10 yrs !                                                              Frankie is resting well this eve,after his meal , and now off to dreamland  , dreaming of his whole new start in life , with a family who will love him furever !

Update September 11: Update on Frankie : His surgery went well , the eye has been removed and he had many teeth pulled, his vets said hes a strong lil guy with a strong healthy heart and now all his medical needs have been addressed they believe Frankie could have many more healthy years to enjoy a loving life ! First pic was the ride home then he snuggled up into his bed and fell fast asleep, hes now on the road to recovery , and once recovered Frankie has 2 foster home offers , his new life has just begun, and I bet he's dreaming of his new happy healthy life to come !