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Please note:   Our adoption process is initially filling out the Adoption Inquiry Form online. We also have a paper Adoption Application that must be filled out in full. We will call your vet to make sure your current or past animals are up to date on vaccinations, spayed/neutered and on Heartworm Preventatives. If you do not have a vet reference, we may require you to purchase Heartworm Preventative from us. If your current or past dogs were not on Heartworm Prevention we could deny your application to adopt from us. Heartworm is a deadly disease. We may do a home check to make sure it's a safe environment for the dog. (sometimes we can see fencing from Google Earth) Then we will schedule a meet and greet to see if you and the the dog are a compatible match, then, if approved, he/she will be allowed to go home with you. We require that our dogs be inside dogs and part of the family, a fenced yard is a must for most of our dogs. We do make exceptions depending on the dog. We also do not adopt out of state.  

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